Park Projects

Past Projects

  • Haller Park Splash Pad: Construction of a splash pad and other associated improvements in Haller Park. The Splash Pad opened on Memorial Day weekend 2019.


Current Projects

  • Centennial Trail– Railroad Crossing at 67th Avenue NE and 191st Street NE:  Work entails reconstruction and realignment of the Centennial Trail railroad crossing and installation of an advanced warning system.
  • Terraces at Terrace Park:  This work entails  rebuilding of the terraces and access walkway at Terrace Park. The bid for this project was awarded on August 5, 2019.

Future Projects

Haller Park

The final phase of the renovation of Haller Park includes the construction of a stage for events and paving the gravel parking lot. This project is dependent on funding.

Pocket Park for Downtown Arlington

This project is to construct a pocket park in the downtown Arlington business corridor.  This is a strategy created out of the North Stillaguamish Valley Economic Redevelopment Plan (NSVER) and the America's Best Communities Competition.  Leaders from Arlington created a 1 year Community Revitalization Plan for the ABC Competition out of the larger NSVER plan. One of the placemaking strategies for the Community Revitalization Plan was to create plans for pocket parks.  Downtowns benefit from small scale public places, pocket parks, which provide opportunities for visitors and shoppers to stay and enjoy the community.  We gathered public input by hosting several temporary “pop-up parks”.  Using the public input, we have done design work.

The City of Arlington has purchased property at 404 N Olympic Avenue (Howell's Service Station) and will be building the pocket park on the south side of the property.  The building will be converted to an Innovation Center.  Pocket Park construction to be determined.  For more information, contact Sarah Lopez at

Country Charm Conservation Area

The City of Arlington has purchased this property to preserve floodplain processes and fish and wildlife habitat, and to provide recreational opportunities for the citizens of Arlington and the surrounding community. The County Charm Conservation Area legal description shows 138.5 acres. Part of the property (38.69 acres) referred to as the Graafstra Farm Buffer Area (GFBA) was purchased with the SRFB grant.

Future plans for this park include:

  • Campground
  • Walking trails
  • Beach access
  • Dog park
  • Trout pond
  • Playfields

Development of park components is dependent on funding.

Click here to view a map of the proposed layout (PDF).

Riverfront Master Plan

The City has completed a riverfront master plan that identifies current park and recreation opportunities and proposed elements. A goal of the Riverfront Master Plan is to improve connections and access between recreation opportunities and services and to identify future uses for this unique area along the Stillaguamish River. The connections include:

  • Country Charm Park
  • Twin Rivers Park
  • Haller Park
  • Stormwater Wetland
  • Retail Properties
  • Centennial Trail
  • Connector Trails