Emergency Meeting Locations

This week discuss with your family two meeting locations in case of evacuation. 

First Meeting Location

The first meeting location should be 1-5 miles or so away from your home. You would use this location in case of a local neighborhood evacuation (possibly a hazmat spill or law enforcement issue). Some suggested locations would be a family or friend’s house, a school, church or gym.

Second Meeting Location

The second location should be outside the City limits in case of a “City Wide” incident. It could be another town or a central location between your work and that of your spouse and/or children if they are living or working outside of the town you live in. The meeting place could be at a Mall, park and ride or theater. Remember to make sure all of your family members have memorized or written down the number of your “out of state phone contact” as well as have some spare change or a long distance phone card. You can see the Homeland Security Family Communcations Plan (PDF). This document will help you plan on how to contact your family in the even of a disaster.

Family Fire Drill

Lastly, always practice your family fire drill plan and place that meeting place outside the house and in the front yard or driveway so neighbors and fire fighters can see that everyone is out of the house quickly.