Arlington Youth Council

Youth Council photo

2018-2019 Youth Council

Grace Williams, Chair
Alec Villa, Vice Chair
Olivia Weaver, Secretary
Victoria Wilde
Enija Reed
Jaea Davidson
Grace Saenz

Arlington Youth Council

Developing a Youth Council in Arlington was a strategy of the Arlington-Darrington Community Revitalization Plan, America’s Best Communities. The purpose of the Youth Council is to advise the Mayor and City Council in all matters related to and affecting the youth in our community and provide youth perspectives on a range of community issues and topics. The youth council is structured to create an essential link among our area’s teens, the community, and city government.

“One critical component of community and workforce development is supporting the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. Smaller rural communities frequently lose their young people as they move out of the area to pursue higher education and entry-level careers, resulting in a “brain drain” of talent needed to sustain a vibrant local economy. This strategy establishes youth councils in both Arlington and Darrington that will focus on issues of interest to youth leaders by integrating young people into the political process and equipping them with the skills and resources to address these problems. The objective is to encourage young people to make meaningful contributions to their respective communities and the region as a whole through the creation of autonomous youth councils in Arlington and Darrington. Ultimately, the intent is to give them a sense of investment and a bond that will promote the Stillaguamish Valley as a place where they can grow professionally in the future” Arlington-Darrington Community Revitalization Plan.

Applications will be available in July or August of each year. Terms are September through June.


Benefits of serving on the Arlington Youth Council:

  • Serve on a city committee
  • Learn about local government
  • Have a voice in your community
  • Make improvements in your community
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Learn how to work in a committee environment
  • Network with government, business and other professionals
  • Volunteer opportunity
  • Develop career or college references


Requirements for serving on the Youth Council:

  • Members shall be entering 8th grade through the 12th grade at time of application
  • Members shall reside within the Arlington School District or have an Arlington Address
  • Meetings are once a month, approximate 2 hours per meeting, other meetings may be assigned
  • One year commitment; however, you are encouraged to apply for a second term
  • Transportation to and from the meetings
  • Attend the majority of the meetings
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that positively represents the City
  • Maintain good academic standing and attendance in school
  • Must reside within the Arlington School District or have an Arlington address

Questions, please contact Sarah Lopez at 360-403-3448.