Housing Action Plan


In the fall of 2019, the City applied for grant funding allocated by the Washington State Department of Commerce and funded through E2SHB 1923. The grant funding is being used for the development of a Housing Action Plan that will allow the City to recognize the housing needs of its current and future populations, as well as outline goals, policies, and strategies to meet those needs. The City has partnered with the planning consultant Blueline to draft the Plan.

Progress to Date

The first step in the housing action plan development process is the creation of a housing needs assessment (HNA). A HNA is a study to identify the current and future housing needs of all economic segments of the community. The Arlington HNA was drafted between January and March of 2020. The full draft of the HNA along with a flyer that identifies its key findings can be accessed below.


Before drafting the full housing action plan, we would like your help in recognizing housing needs and potential solutions within Arlington. We know your input is critical in creating a successful housing action plan. Our original intent was to host a public meeting where we could have open dialogue about this topic. However, as we all know, our world and the ways in which we interact have changed drastically. With that said, we still believe your input and knowledge to be essential during this process, so we are asking you to take part in this online survey we have put together.

The survey can be accessed here. Please submit your responses as soon as possible. We will begin drafting the full housing action plan in July and aim to have a draft by October 2020. Once the draft is available, there will be more opportunities for public comment, but your feedback is always welcome.

Please send comments or questions to City staff member Josh Grandlienard at joshg@arlingtonwa.gov .


HNA Summary Flyer (PDF)

Draft Housing Needs Assessment (PDF)