The City of Arlington operates under a Mayor-Council form of government. The Mayor serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the city. The City Administrator, under the Mayor's direction, oversees all city operations, implements policy direction established by the Mayor and City Council, and manages the daily operations of the city to ensure city services are effectively and efficiently provided. The City Administrator serves as chief advisor to the Mayor and City Council, makes reports and recommendations to the City Council, and ensures implementation of city policies.


The Administration Department includes the office of the City Clerk and Human Resources. Also included is the Recreation Department, Information Services and Purchasing Department.

Vision Statement

Under the direction of the Mayor and the policy decisions of the City Council, the Administration Department strives to make Arlington one of the most customer-oriented, efficiently run cities in the state of Washington.

Mission Statement

Provide executive level management and support to the City Council and City Departments in areas such as goal and policy attainment, economic development, recreation, public information, communications, personnel training, human resource, risk and records management. The primary goal is to enable the organization to provide more efficient and effective service to the community. Overall administrative oversight is provided for all departments of the City.