10 Most Common Code Violations


1. Failure to Properly Dispose of Household Garbage

Garbage collection is mandatory for every household, apartment, dwelling, multi-unit residence, trailer court and industrial or commercial building through the City’s contracted solid waste collector.


2. Sign Code Violations

A sign permit must be obtained prior to erection of new or substantial alteration of existing signs. No signs shall be placed in the public right-of-way unless otherwise allowed by ordinance.


3. Property Maintenance

All properties shall be maintained so as to not create a public nuisance. This would include maintaining vegetation, no accumulation of junk vehicles, building materials, furniture, appliances, trash or rubbish.


4. Encroachment Within Sensitive Areas

Clearing or encroachment into areas established as critical or sensitive areas are strictly prohibited:

  • Adjacent to Streams
  • Green Belts or Native Growth Areas
  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Steep Slopes
  • Wetlands

5. Building Without a Permit

A building permit is required for all structures over 200 square feet additions, alterations and changes in use.

Junk Vehicles

6. Junk Vehicles

A junk vehicle is a vehicle that meets the following conditions:

  • Is at least 3 years old
  • Is extensively damaged
  • Is apparently inoperable
Basketball Hoop

7. Obstructions Within the Right-of-Way

Portable basketball goals and skateboard ramps are prohibited from being used in the street, planter strip or sidewalk.


8. Use of Recreational Vehicles & Accessory Buildings as a Dwelling Unit

It is illegal to utilize campers, travel trailers, motor homes, or storage sheds as habitable space on a permanent basis.


9. Vehicle Parking

Vehicles shall not be parked in front yards or in a manner that they obstruct rights-of-way. Trailers, campers, trucks and boats shall not be parked on streets.

Vehicle Repairs

10. Vehicle Repairs

All vehicle repairs (not including simple maintenance) shall be performed within an enclosed permanent structure or garage. The use of portable structures (tarp style) for this use is prohibited.