What We Do

Arlington’s water system takes raw water from several different sources, filters any impurities, provides disinfection, and delivers a high quality, finished product through miles of pipes to thousands of customers. Although invisible to the public, this process is a complex interaction of:

  • Natural resources (geology, ground water, precipitation, river flows)
  • Equipment (filters, pipes, pumps, reservoirs)
  • Chemistry (natural elements found in water, prohibiting bacterial growth, making water compatible with pipe materials)
  • People (operators, analysts, maintenance personnel, planners, contractors, customers)
  • Regulations (drinking water standards, construction standards, water rights, environmental effects)

What Do You Know About the Water You Drink?

Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, you have a right to know what is in your drinking water and how it compares to established water quality standards. Your Water Department helps to assure your confidence as a water consumer through the preparation of annual reports. Each annual report summarizes the key findings of more than 16,000 water quality observations and tests we conducted in the previous calendar year. 

Current Drinking Water Quality Report (2022 Data)

We send copies to every bill paying customer by July 1st of each year and make every effort to get copies to other consumers by distributing reports to apartments and other rental units, and placing reports in City Hall, the library, and other public locations. If you have not received a report, you can also download it below. For additional questions about the award-winning water you drink, call the water department at 360-403-3526.