Library Board (Dissolved July, 2021)

City Transfers Library Property to Sno-Isle Libraries (7-19-2021)

The City of Arlington has transferred the Arlington Library building and property to the Sno-Isle Library District. City Council approved this transfer of property at the May 3, 2021 Council meeting.

This transfer shifts responsibility for the funding of needed repairs and improvements to the building, and allows Sno-Isle to invest in necessary infrastructure improvements to the facility they have occupied.

The building was built 40 years ago as a city library, before the Arlington was part of the Sno-Isle Library District. In 1999, voters approved the City's annexation into the Sno-Isle Libraries District and we entered into an agreement with Sno-Isle. Sno-Isle was responsible for all library services, and the City had the responsibility to maintain and repair the library. 

With this new agreement and transfer of the library and adjacent property, Sno-Isle is making plans to upgrade the heating and air conditioning system. They have recently upgraded the front entrance to the building to create an outside space that served during the COVID-19 shutdown. They also have plans to replace the roof.

With this transition, the City’s Library Board that was established in 1999, will retire, as the primary function was to supervise the City property used by the Library. We would like to extend our gratitude to the members of the board, both past and present for their service to the City.

If you'd like to visit, or learn about the library, click here.