Public Works Projects

Current Public Works Projects

The 2020 Public Works Project Improvements include projects at multiple locations in Arlington. These projects are currently in design or bidding.  The benefits of these projects includes the upgrading of utilities to improve service and support new development; improving highways, arterials, and neighborhood streets; addressing safety issues; and adding new amenities to local parks.

  • Utility Upgrades and Pavement Preservation Program: upgrade utilities and repave roadways in accordance with the outline plans within the Arlington Transportation Benefit District.
  • Manhole Cover and Valve Adjustments: Water valves, sewer, and stormwater manholes covers across Arlington will be adjusted to better match the grade of the surrounding roadway.
  • 204th Street NE / 77th Avenue NE Roundabout: The City will be constructing a new roundabout at the intersection of 204th Street NE and 77th Avenue NE in 2020. Design of the project is currently at 60%.
  • SR-530—Smokey Point Blvd. Roundabout: The City of Arlington is designing a roundabout to be constructed in 2020 (pending funding).
  • SR-531 (172nd Street NE) / 40th Avenue NE Signal: The City of Arlington will be installing a signal at the intersection of SR-531 and 40th Avenue NE in 2020. The City received a $1.1 million grant from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board to fund the construction.
  • SR-531 (172nd Street NE) Widening: In July 2019, WSDOT began designing the widening of SR-531 to four lanes between 43rd Avenue NE and 67th Avenue NE. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2023.