Youth Leadership Summit

Saturday, May 7, 2022
10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Doors open at 9:00 
Location: Marysville Getchell High School

Leadership Conference for Teens presented by 
Arlington, Marysville, Lake Stevens and Tulalip Youth Councils.

Recommended for grades 8-12.

Lunch included.

Topics to include:

  • Responsible use of social media
  • Confidence and Communications
  • Leadership Styles
  • Rethinking Housing Insecurities and Homelessness
  • Youth suicide prevention
  • Cultural exchange

Leadership certificate provided by:
Leadership Snohomish County

Sponsor: Community Transit

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Key note- Pick up the pen, the small habits of great leaders: Most people don’t understand leadership. They think it is something for boardrooms, sports fields or political offices. They describe it with words like “visionary” and “inspirational” but can’t tell you what it actually is or - more importantly – how to do it! In this straight-talking speech, Nick will explain that leadership isn’t complicated and is actually a vitally important life skill for us all to master. With amusing real-world examples, he’ll share the subtle things that great leaders do differently and how you can start using them today to become the leader you are destined to be.

Confidence and Communications: 
During our presentation you’ll get the chance to hear experienced speaker Janice Huxford discuss public speaking and effective communication strategies. We’ll also take a look at examples of good and bad communication within popular media and learn from the mistakes of your favorite TV characters.

Responsible Use of Social Media: 
Join Elizabeth Callaghan, Gary Sabol, and Nicole Webber in a guided Q&A panel discussing social media. Attendees will learn about how jobs utilize social media. How teens can navigate challenges on social media. How to be responsible and display leadership on social media. Then, attendees can have their questions answered in an interactive audience Q&A.

Interview Skills/Public Speaking: 
Join local business and HR professionals in an interactive mock interview workshop where you’ll learn how to be the most desirable candidate you can be. Topics discussed include learning what it takes to get to the top, what skills make you desirable and how to show them off, and how to overcome your fears to present yourself in a confident and capable manner. After soaking up all that information, participants will work in groups to create a short pitch that one representative from each group will give to the experts. Afterward, a short debrief will focus on areas of improvement for each pitch, along with an opportunity to ask any questions of the experts

Leadership Styles- What's yours and why it matters: 
Every one of us has a unique personality – a set of traits that make us who we are. It is the same with leadership - we all have a distinctive approach or style. Our ability to lead others successfully depends on how they respond to our particular style. In this workshop, you will first identify and understand your own style and then explore ways you may need to adapt and flex it depending on your audience.  Learning and using these techniques is an essential skill whether you are looking to motivate a team, negotiate a pay raise or just trying to win an argument!

Rethinking Housing Insecurities and Homelessness: 
Homelessness and housing insecurity are prominent concerns in the Pacific Northwest. This session will review some common misperceptions of housing, factors that can lead to homelessness, and its impact. There will also be an activity that illustrates how quickly housing can shift from secure to insecure.

Cultural exchange:   
Join Tulalip Tribe Youth Council in a talking circle.  A talking circle is a way of creating healthy communication. They will share a few of   their traditional stories that include forms of leadership, traditional teachings and values, including “Her First Basket’’  and ‘’Lifting Up the Sky.”

Learning About Different Lived Experiences of Today’s Youth: This presentation is focused on introducing youth to different perspectives that many of their peers are facing. Conversations will involve understanding how people take different aspects of their identities for granted, and how stereotypes and microaggressions impact youth.

Suicide prevention: Learn from youth on risk factors, intervention and awareness.             


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Keynote Speaker

Hi I'm Nick Salmon.  I'm a motivational speaker, author, coach, dad, engineer, guitarist, pizza lover and self-improvement champion!

My purpose in life is to seek, simplify and share information that helps busy people achieve success in all areas of their life.

Nick Salmon


This summit has been planned by the Marysville, Tulalip, Lake Stevens and Arlington Youth Councils.

For more information, email 

Marysville Getchell High School, 8301 84th St. NE Marysville

map of Getchell High School area