Why should I support the Transportation Benefit Program?
  • Since the TBP was approved by the Arlington community, the City has implemented a very proactive roadway preservation program, the proof of this is visible in all of the newly resurfaced roads in Arlington. 
  • The City has also increased the value of TBP revenues by utilizing TBP funds as a match for state and federal grants.
  • The City has  listened to the concerns of citizens. The renewed TBP funding will address concerns of neighborhood traffic calming, safety, and improved road capacity. 
  • Your support of the TBP renewal will ensure the City can afford to implement the transportation system improvements requested by its residents.

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1. What can the Transportation Benefit Program fund
2. How is the Transportation Benefit Program funded?
3. Why do we need to renew the Transportation Benefit Program now?
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5. How much will it raise for transportation projects in Arlington?
6. What has been completed since voters approved Transportation Benefit Program?
7. What projects will be funded the next 10 years?
8. Who gets to vote on the Transportation Benefit Program renewal?
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10. Why should I support the Transportation Benefit Program?
11. What other cities have a Transportation Benefit Districts/Programs
12. How does our sales tax rate compare to those cities?
13. Who do I contact if I have more questions?