City Clerk

Wendy Van Der Meersche, City Clerk     
Julie Petersen, Deputy City Clerk                                                                           

The City Clerk performs a variety of services that support the Mayor, City Administrator, City Council, City departments, and members of the public.                                                                      

Activities of this office include:

  • Preparation of all legal notices pertaining to the City Council
  • Preparation of Council meeting agendas and minutes
  • Coordination of Arlington Municipal Code updates
  • Maintenance of official public records, including, but not limited to, Council/Board/Commission meeting minutes, ordinances, resolutions, agreements and contracts
  • Development and implementation of the City’s archive and records disposition program
  • Public Records Officer: coordination/monitoring of public records requests. Public records request here.

Other functions of this office include:

  • Risk Management services and training; processing of all claims against the city
  • Elections’ liaison with Snohomish County Auditor’s office and Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC)

Claims Against the City

The City Clerk is a designated agent for service of claims for damages made under RCW 4.96. Please click this link for our claims form. For additional information or to obtain a claims form by mail, contact the City Clerk at 360-403-3481 during normal business hours at Arlington City Hall, or by email at