Geographic Information Systems

About GIS

The Engineering Department is responsible for the City’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which includes creating and maintaining City geospatial information and data, providing citizens and staff quality GIS maps and products, and implementing the City’s asset management program.


The GIS vision is to provide quality GIS data and products with the goal of mapping all the City’s infrastructure, maintaining the GIS data and making the GIS products and services widely available. Current high priority GIS projects are:

  • Mapping the City utility infrastructure (water, wastewater and storm systems)
  • City Cemetery mapping
  • City transportation infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, pavement, future road networks)
  • City parks and trail system (existing and future)
  • Crime and traffic accident data

GIS is also focused on providing an enterprise GIS system with desktop and web mapping capabilities for staff and the public.


GIS won the National CartêGraph CONNECT Award for Management Accountability in October 2010.

National CarteGraph CONNECT Award