Why is being unprepared considered a disaster?

Ask yourself this question… Who depends on you and how will they take care of themselves if you can't be there to do it for them? Most of us are aware that we need to be better prepared for emergencies and disasters and we even know what we need to do. But, most of us either haven’t done anything or we’ve done very little. Why? As one prominent social scientist has said, “when the next big disaster hits, we’re going to have a large number of highly educated dead people”. And why is that? Because we think we can take care of ourselves, or we think… I can do that later… or we think…the “government” will take care of me. We may be wrong on all counts.

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1. Why is being unprepared considered a disaster?
2. Why is being prepared such a big deal?
3. But I live and/or work in the city; won't the Fire Department, Police Department or someone in government take care of me?
4. How can I find out if I am unprepared?
5. How Do I Know How Serious It Will Be?
6. What Can I Do To Prepare Now?