Why is being prepared such a big deal?

We are vulnerable to several predictable types of disasters in our area. Flood, windstorm, volcano and earthquake, just to name a few. Many of us were affected by the storms in the past couple of years with power outages, flooding and wind damage. Bad enough to result in a number of Presidentially Declared Disasters. You might not have been affected…this time. Maybe it’s only one house or family that in your neighborhood that was affected, but if that one is yours, then it’s catastrophic.

Being Prepared with Food

You may not realize that most major grocery stores use a method called Just-In-Time stocking to keep their shelves full. They receive, on average, two shipments each day to keep items flowing onto and off their shelves. If the roads are impassable because of an earthquake, mudslide, downed bridge, avalanche or a storm, the shelves may not be restocked when an item is sold out. A few hours may be all it takes for store shelves to be completely empty. If we’re quick and if the store in our neighborhood is open, we may be in luck. But if the store in our neighborhood is closed, we may have to depend on what we have stockpiled in our pantry for a food supply for a few days.

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1. Why is being unprepared considered a disaster?
2. Why is being prepared such a big deal?
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