Crime Prevention for Businesses

Arlington Police Department are available to work with business owners to improve security and design their spaces to reduce risk.  Crime prevention starts with a plan. 

  1.   Know your neighbor businesses: If you’re on a street with other businesses, work together with Arlington Police to prevent crime. Hold periodic meetings where you share concerns and crime prevention measures.
  2. Reinforce entry points. Inspect the locks on all exterior and interior security doors to ensure they’re in good working condition. Consider installing resistant glass or metal grates on windows and doors. Don’t forget to secure skylights or other entry points.
  3. Light your surroundings. The more you light up your building’s exterior and parking lot, the less tempted a criminal may be to break in, and they will be easier to spot.
  4. Keep your grounds and buildings manicured with no hiding places. Exteriors that are in disrepair can give criminals the impression that your business is an easy target. Keep landscapes and  buildings in good condition. Trim bushes and trees to prevent hiding places. Remove graffiti as it appears. 
  5. Install security cameras (interior and exterior). Even the sight of a security camera could be enough to deter crime. Having footage could help legal enforcement and  when filing a claim.
  6. Install an Alarm System.  An alarm system will alert you and the authorities if a crime is being committed.
  7. Deter crime with security fences.  Fences make it more difficult for people to break into your property. Block access to areas you do not want the public to access. 
  8.  Have a blanket Trespass Agreement with APD on file. Business should contact the police department to obtain a trespass authorization form. With a trespass agreement, Arlington Police can remove people from your property on your behalf.  
  9. Record serial numbers and mark your possessions. Recording a serial number increases the likelihood of stolen items being returned to you, and helps build a criminal case. 
  10. Report all illegal behavior to the police. Businesses should report all criminal behavior to the police department. If an emergency, dial 911.  Non emergencies can be reported to the non-emergency phone line 425-407-3999 or to 911. 

Your contact at the Arlington Police Department to discuss business security:

Lieutenant Mike Gilbert 360-403-4627