Prescription Drug Drop Off

Give your medicine cabinets a thorough cleaning, and safely and anonymously return any unused prescription medications. The Arlington Police Department accepts unused prescription drugs as part of their daily medication disposal program. By safely disposing of your unused prescription drugs at the Arlington Police Department, you are contributing to a safer and healthier community for everyone. Feel free to drop off your unused prescriptions at our main office, located at and we will properly dispose of them for you. 

Storing medication securely and making sure unused and unwanted medication is disposed of safely helps reduce poisonings, overdoses, and suicide attempts. Safely disposing of medication also keeps it out of our environment which helps protect our water and soil.

APD's collection site will not accept syringes, sharps, liquids, or illicit drugs, though an officer can respond to recover illicit drugs should someone wish to surrender such.

Drop off at: 110 E 3rd Street, Arlington WA, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. For additional questions, feel free to call 360-403-3400.