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Development Survey

  1. Please help the City of Arlington Community Development process by taking this short survey. Your answers will help the City refine the process to ensure that your experience with the City of Arlington is smooth and friendly.
  2. General Information Meeting (GIM)
  3. Customer Service Experience*
  4. Did you find the content worthwhile?*
  5. Overall Satisfaction*
  6. Land Use Process
  7. Customer Service Experience *
  8. Ease of Submittal Process*
  9. Timeliness of Review*
  10. Site Civil Process
  11. Customer Service Experience *
  12. Ease of Submittal Process*
  13. Timeliness of Review*
  14. Building Review Process
  15. Customer Service Experience*
  16. Ease of Submittal Process*
  17. Permitting Process (entire process)
  18. Customer Service Experience*
  19. Ease of Submittal Process*
  20. Timeliness of Review*
  21. Public Works Inspections
  22. Customer Service Experience *
  23. Ease of Submittal Process*
  24. Timeliness of Review*
  25. Building Inspections
  26. Customer Service Experience*
  27. Ease of Submittal Process*
  28. Timeliness of Review*
  29. Last time you conducted work in Arlington*
  30. Type of work conducted*
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