FINAL 2019 amendment to the 2015 Comprehensive Water System Plan

The City’s Water System Plan (WSP) fulfills state law (WAC 246-290-100) by detailing how we will safely and efficiently operate our water system for the next 10 years. In 2017, the City amended the 2015 WSP for consistency with other City and Snohomish County planning documents. We amended the WSP again in 2019 consistent with state regulations when changes are made to our Water Service Area (WSA) boundary. The City acquired 17.89 acres of the City of Marysville’s WSA in Smokey Point in order to meet a developer’s service requirements.

The WSP is provided below in its entirety in two volumes—one for the plan and its maps, and the other for all appendices. For those familiar with the WSP and desiring to download and review just the changes made in the 2019 Amendment, click on the Call 360-403-3541 for assistance if you have trouble accessing these files.

2019 Amendments