Art in Arlington

List of Public Art

  1. “Split Passage” sculpture by Karla Matzke, 172nd roundabout, Coming 2023
  2. Farm photos on bus stops, by Kevin Krieg, Kent Prairie neighborhood, Coming 2023
  3. Bird Bench, design by Monica Bretherton and Newell Corporation, for 173rd Street, Install 2023
  4. Airplane Bench #2, fabricated by Newell Corporation, located on the Airport Trail 2022
  5. Holiday Art Banners, by Monica Schriver, 2022
  6. Raven chainsaw carving, by Jacob Lucas, located on Centennial Trail by Division Street, 2022
  7. Mosaic glass in the Peace Plaza wall, by Seattle Mosaic Artists, located on Centennial Trail, 2022
  8. Orca Fence Art, by Erika Bruss and Friends, 2022
  9. “Wonderland” bench, by Lance Carleton, located at senior center bus stop, 2022
  10. Additions to the Skatepark murals, by Josh Robinson & Friends, 2022
  11. Garden Mural at the Cemetery, by Shiela Arnold, 2022
  12. Mural of the Stillaguamish River by Andy Eccleshall, Olympic Ave. Minifie Plaza, 2022
  13. Haller Park neighborhood interpretive sign, 2022
  14. Interpretive art map for Centennial Trail 2022
  15. Designs for banners for 173rd Street by Pilar Dowell 2022
  16. Mini Art Exchange Gallery, by Mason Diemer, on the Centennial Trail, 2021
  17. “Ball of Fun” by Lin McJunkin and Milo White, at Quake Park, 2021
  18. Holiday Banners by Vicki Johnson, 2021
  19. “Wings” photo op, by Lori Angdahl, 2021
  20. Peace Plaza Obelisk Glass, by Gerry Newcomb, 2021
  21. Dragon metal art by Mike Nordine, Innovation Center, 2021
  22. “Dancing Bears” metal art by Monica Bretherton, 2021
  23. Airplane Bench, design by Sarah Arney and Newell Corporation, at Airport Blvd. 2021
  24. “Leaping Bunnies” by Sarah Arney, at Division Street, 2021, Public Art Fund
  25. Gold Tractor at Kent Prairie Roundabout, 2020, Public Art Fund
  26. “AeroVane” sculpture by Wayne Kangas, at Airport Office, 2021, Public Art Fund and Airport
  27. “Rock Cradled” sculpture, by Dan Freeman, 2021, Centennial Trail at 4th Street, Public Art Fund
  28. “Going with the Flow” sculpture by Verena Schwippert, 2020, Airport Blvd. Trail, Public Art Fund
  29. Coastal Community Bank, historical mural, by Harry Engstrom, 2020, Olympic Ave.
  30. “Eagles Come Home” by Caroline Sumpter, 2020 at Gleneagle 67th Ave Entrance, Public Art Fund and Gleneagle Funding
  31. Skatepark Mural, by Josh Robinson and friends, 2020, Public Art Fund
  32. Library Shed Mural by Erika Bruss, and wood Owl by Jacob Lucas, 2020, by Friends of the Library
  33. Community Garden Gate, by Caroline Sumpter, 2020, Public Art Fund
  34. Community Garden Mural by Debi Tucker, 2019, City of Arlington
  35. Bench Painting, by Vicki Johnson, Sarah Arney, Monica Bretherton, 2018-2019
  36. Bee and Rose Fence Art, By Erika Bruss and youth at Centennial Trail, 2019
  37. "Pause" granite bench, By Verena Schwippert on Arlington Valley Road, 2019, City of Arlington with construction project
  38. "Ottoman" granite bench, By Verena Schwippert on Arlington Valley Road, 2019, City of Arlington with construction project
  39. "The Silent Hunter" cougar bench, By Jacob Lucas, at Olympic Avenue and 2nd Street, 2019, Arlington Arts Council
  40. "Steelies" metal fish at 67th Avenue medians, By Monica Bretherton, Erika Bruss, Mike Nordine and Tim Johnson, 2019, Arlington Arts Council
  41. Haiku Rock #2 at Terrace Park, 2018, Arlington Arts Council
  42. "Rip Rap" metal and stone sculpture, By Reg Akright, dedicated to George Boulton at City Hall, 2018, Arlington Arts Council
  43. Duck Dash, mural reprint, by Jack Gunter, at Haller Park, 2018, Arlington Arts Council
  44. The Depot Barn Quilt, City of Arlington, 2018
  45. Mini Electric City at Legion Park, by Janet Myer and Don Morley, 2018
  46. Cows Return to Jensen Park, Plywood Cows by AAC members 2017
  47. Owl "Kaleidoscope" mural by Erika Bruss, Terrace Park restroom 2017
  48. Owl Silhouettes mural by Kristina Yantis and Erika Bruss, Terrace Park Shelter 2017
  49. Quilt Blocks Mural, Led by Sarah Lopez, painted by Shiela Arnold, Jean Olson Marilyn Oertle, Sarah Arney, Located at Merchant's parking lot, 2017
  50. Terrace Park Stage Mural Refurbish, By Sarah Arney and Vicki Johnson 2017
  51. Owl Fence Art by Erika Bruss and students, Centennial Trail by Arlington Police Station 2017
  52. "Sir Hops A Lot" Granite Frog by George Pratt, Location: Haller Park 2017, Arlington Arts Council
  53. Centennial Trail Mile Markers, by Renee O'Connor, 2017, Tourism Grant
  54. Haiku Rock, poem by Jean Olson, Located at Terrace Park, 2017, Arlington Arts Council
  55. "Going to Ride", mural, image by Janet Myer, painted by AAC members, located at Haller Park/Centennial Trail bridge pillar, 2016
  56. The Bell, by Steve Bryant, Structure by Sarah Lopez, located at Centennial Trail/Lebanon Park 2016, Arlington Arts Council
  57. Dairy Queens, by Harry Engstrom, located at Co-Op near First Street and Olympic Avenue, 2016, City of Arlington
  58. Salmon Pole by Mike Nordine, located at Kent Prairie Trail off of 204th Street, 2016
  59. "Embraced by Love", donated by Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Centennial Trail/Legion Park, 2016. Repaired in 2021.
  60. "Osprey" by Dan Brown, located at Centennial Trail Bridge at Haller Park, 2015, donated by Arlington Arts Council
  61. "Kent Baker Memorial Bench" by Lance Carelton, Located at Legion Park, 114 N Olympic Avenue, 2015, Donated by Arlington Arts Council.
  62. "Transporting through Arlington" mural by teens with adult mentors, located at Arlington Muffler, at Centennial Trail and 4th Street, 2015. 
    Retired/removed mural in 2023, new building owner.
  63. Haiku Poetry in 67th Avenue Plaza, 2014, with City of Arlington construction project.
  64. "Reclaiming Futures" mural by teens with adult mentors, Located at West Avenue at Burke Street, 2014
  65. "Rooted Embrace" 15 foot metal tree sculpture by Debbi Rhodes, located at Centennial Trail at 4th Street, 2014, Donated by Arlington Arts Council
  66. Bird Mosaics by Renee O'Connor in the retaining wall on 67th Avenue, Centennial Trail, 2014, City of Arlington, as part of 67th Avenue project.
  67. "Sound Garden" Interactive musical instruments located just south of Legion Park on the Centennial Trail. Installed 2012-2013. Funded by the community and the Arlington Arts Council.
  68. Art Banners around town, community art project 2006-2007 and again in 2011.  Reprints made in 2014 for 67th Avenue
  69. "Bronze Eagle" by Bill Matheson, located at City Council Chambers entrance, 2011, Arlington Arts Council
  70. "Waterline" Etched, polished boulders by Verena Schwippert, located at Lebanon Park, 2011, Arlington Arts Council
  71. "Flat Tire" Bicycle Sculpture by Lance Carleton, located at Legion Park/Centennial Trail, 2009, Arlington Arts Council
  72. "The Labyrinth" designed by Sarah Lopez, installed by volunteers (Arlington Kiwanis), Lebanon Park, 2008
  73. "Streamlife of the Stillaguamish River" Mural painted by Harry Engstrom, Olympic Hill, 2008, Arlington Arts Council and City of Arlington
  74. "Norwegian Story Pole" Sculpture by Steve Jensen, Sculpture has been retired. Date dedicated: 2008, City of Arlington and Arlington Arts Council
  75. “Center of the Universe” sculpture by Kirk McLean, located at Plaza at City hall, City of Arlington and Arlington Arts Council, 2007
  76. "The Raven and the Sun" sculpture by James Madison, located at Centennial Trail, 2008, City of Arlington and Arlington Arts Council
  77. “Grandfather” sculpture by James Madison, located at Centennial Trail, 2007, City of Arlington and Arlington Arts Council
  78. “Council of Salmon” Clay Salmon by Marguerite Goff, located at City Hall south side of building, 2007, Paid for by: Arlington Arts Council and the City of Arlington
  79. Mural at Kid’s Kloset by Carey Waterworth, Monica Yantis and other members of the AAC, located at A Building, old Arlington High School, 2005, Donated by Arlington Arts Council
  80. Sculpture “Dedicated to the Beauty of Earth” by Verena Schwippert, located at Centennial Trail near Fourth Street, 2005, Donated by Virginia Hatch in honor of Jim Hatch
  81. “Overhead/Underfoot” artwork by Kathryn Glowen, 4 pieces: Bleeding Heart, Salmonberry, Staghorn Sumac and Columbine, Location: City Hall Council Chambers, 2005, Paid for by Arlington Arts Council and City of Arlington
  82. Glastar Mural by Harry Engstrom, Location: Arlington Municipal Airport, 2005. Retired plywood art. Paid for by City of Arlington Airport
  83. “Stilly Valley Victorian” farm scene mural by Harry Engstrom, located on Back of Bowling Alley facing Centennial Trail, 2004, Paid for by City of Arlington PARC
  84. “Salmon Spawning Pool” fish bench by Verena Schwippert, Located at Centennial trail near Burke Street, 2004, Paid for by Arlington Centennial/City of Arlington
  85. “Dairy Queens” cow mural by Harry Engstrom, Location: Co-op on Olympic Avenue near 1st Street. Original "Three Beauties" Mural in a Day at Arlington Art Fair 2004 was retired in 2016, replaced with this replica. Paid for by City of Arlington
  86. "Seven-foot Wingspan” painting by Verena Schwippert, Located at Arlington High School Library, 2004 Paid for by the Arlington Arts Council
  87. “Tribute to Arlington Firefighters” collage by Arlene Swartz, Location: Arlington Fire Department, 2003, Paid for by the Arlington Arts Council
  88. Community Garden Mural by Tina Wilson, Date: 2003. Piece is retired. Donated by the Arlington Garden Club
  89. Plane Mural by Harry Engstrom, Arlington Municipal Airport, piece is retired. 2003, Paid for by City of Arlington Airport
  90. “The Run of Number One” train mural painted by Harry Engstrom's Stillaguamish Valley School Mural Class. Designed by Sher Willoughby, location, Back of store on 4th Street facing Centennial Trail, 2003, Paid for by the Stillaguamish Valley School
  91. “Westside” plants and animals mural by Harry Engstrom, Located on Olympic Hill wall, Centennial project 2003, Paid for by the City of Arlington
  92. Centennial Fountain by Charles Bigger for Washington’s Centennial, located at Centennial Park, Division Street, 1989, Paid for by the City of Arlington