Public Art Fund


The City of Arlington adopted an ordinance in 2019 to establish funding for public art through a ten percent of the amounts collected by the City for construction related sales tax revenues. Link to Arlington’s public art ordinance.

The City will be accepting applications for public art projects from residents, artists and organizations.

Public Art Application

(August 2022) The City of Arlington is accepting applications from the public and organizations for public art projects. To be eligible for consideration in the 2023 budget cycle, your complete proposal must be received by the deadline. Please submit a separate application for each project requested for funding.  You may submit applications any time to be considered for the next funding cycle. 

Each proposal will be considered by the Public Art Committee for recommendation and Park, Arts and Recreation Commission (PARC). The committee shall have the authority to negotiate concerning the content of any applicant’s proposal. The review and award schedule is below.  

Application Open:   August 17, 2022
Application Due:  October 3, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.
Public Art Committee Review: October 2022
PARC Review:  October 2022
Notice to successful applicants: by December 31, 2022

Applicants are encouraged to read the City of Arlington Public Art Strategic Plan.

APPLICATION  Public Art Proposal Application 2023

Goals and Objectives (Page 9)

1. The City has adopted a funding source for public art, 10 percent of construction sales tax.

2. The City desires to integrate art into public places within public and private projects to improve the resident and visitor experience and the economic vitality of the City through enhancement of public spaces.

3. The City will implement plan to create a visually and functional superior environment through art.