Community & Economic Development

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Welcome to the City of Arlington Community and Economic Development Department. Our staff includes land use planners, engineering plan reviewers, building inspectors, code compliance personnel, and permit technicians who are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Our staff is trained in both code administration and permitting processes, and it is our commitment to provide our customers with exceptional service.

We have many resources available in our office and on our website, including land use and building application forms, public utilities information, and civil requirements. Please feel free to browse the website, call us at 360-403-3551, or stop by.

Community & Economic Development

The Department of Community and Economic Development is responsible for the efforts to support business development while enhancing the quality of life in the community. The city proactively recruits businesses to diversify the employment base. We have successfully streamlined review and permitting, and reduced approval time in order to expedite quality developments.

Vision Statement

The Department of Community and Economic Development strives, as a team, to achieve a more streamlined, efficient, and defined system which will exceed the public’s expectations. We must maximize our resources to achieve increased efficiency, with a progressive, honest, and courteous approach towards customer service. We strive to improve the public’s perception of this Division and our state-wide reputation as a leader in the development process.

Mission Statement

We believe the residents and businesses of the City of Arlington are entitled to professional, efficient, and courteous service from trained personnel for all of their development needs. The goal of our Division is to provide quality services to the community in a manner that is comprehensive, yet timely, while insuring that public safety and health in the built environment is achieved.

One of the Department’s primary roles is to guide development so that it is consistent with the community’s vision as expressed in the City’s Comprehensive Plan.