Pavement Management Program


Project Description

The City of Arlington’s roadway infrastructure is its largest asset having a replacement value in excess of several hundred million dollars.  To preserve the community’s investment and develop an efficient and effective program for pavement preservation, the City of Arlington implemented a Pavement Management Program 2013 to maintain the balance of good streets, the replacement of failing streets, and a program to maximize the life of this infrastructure investment.   With the Pavement Management Program, pavement preservation projects are selected based on the financial consequences of delaying a project and on the condition of the pavement.  The City started its pavement preservation program in 2014 following the Arlington citizens’ passage of the Transportation Benefit District, as of completion of the 2021 pavement preservation program the City has invested over $8,000,000 in restoration of City roads with over an additional $1,000,000 in 2022.   

The City of Arlington’s Pavement Management Program provides:

  • An inventory of all roadway surfaces owned and maintained by the City.
  • An Overall Condition Index (OCI) rating for all city roadways that is used to plan annual pavement preservation work.
  • A recommended treatment plan based on cost-effectiveness.
  • Anticipated pavement maintenance costs to include in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan.

Project Documents

Pavement Preservation Maps

Select a year to see a map showing completed roadway preservation work or to see the current road preservation work in design.

  • 2014                 -      2019
  • 2015                 -      2020
  • 2016                 -      2021
  • 2017                 -      2022
  • 2018                 -      2023

Click here to view the interactive Pavement Management Program map.

Coordination with Local Businesses / Residents

Regular schedule updates are provided by the City before and during the construction process to keep local businesses and community apprised of the project progress and any potential impacts.


If you have questions or concerns regarding any of the pavement preservation projects, please contact the City Project Hotline at 360-403-3544 or